At NJride, one of the premier airport car service provider in New Jersey and New York, we have four foundational principles – safety, comfort value, and privacy. In our previous post, we highlighted our services and took a closer look at each value, and what it means to our prospective customers. When we say prospective customers, we are talking about people looking for JFK airport car service, EWR shuttle service, Newark Airport car service, TEB car service, and even people looking for a cab to JFK or a taxi to Newark Airport.

In that last post, we talked about how our blend of safety, comfort, value, and privacy leads to having repeat customers who turn into clients. Why? Because once they experience the NJride difference, they aren’t likely to go back to the old way of hailing a cab – essentially a crapshoot in terms of quality received. This is important because we aren’t just talking about going Uptown to Brooklyn, this is a ride to the airport or from it. People need to be taken care of during this experience, which means not having to worry about how qualified or experienced your taxi driver is. Often, our clients are doing business or needing to gather themselves by way of relaxing before their flight. Traveling can be a taxing experience for anyone, so let us take away the stress of getting to the airport by providing outstanding service according to our hallmark principles of customer service.

Now that we’ve successfully established what we are about as a provider of car service in New York City and New Jersey, we would like to highlight the other side of the coin, to help make our point. Specifically, we want to describe some of the horror stories that people have experienced within NYC while taking a cab. To be clear, we don’t want our readers to think we hate all cab companies and never take cabs ourselves. They have an important function, but when you can choose between a cab from JFK to Manhattan that might turn out poorly and JFK car service from NJride where you can be assured of the quality of your ride and its rate, the choice becomes clear.

All that being said, let’s take a look at some terrible experiences people have had taking taxis around NYC and beyond.

Refusal Based On Destination

Cab companies and drivers have been getting more hostile and defensive over the past several years, there’s no contesting that. From protests about Uber, Sidecar, Lyft, and apparently free enterprise and capitalism in general, to refusing to take people to certain locations, things are getting out of hand. Doing some research on the topic led us to realize that there were multiple reports of cab drivers simply refusing to take people to their desired destinations because it was inconvenient for them. In the first place, taxi drivers aren’t allowed to ask for your destination before you get into the cab.

According to the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission, that is against the law. “From Driver Rule 54-20 (in PDF): It is against the law to refuse a person based on race, disability, or a destination in New York City. A taxicab driver is required to drive a passenger to any destination in the five boroughs. You can make a refusal complaint by calling 3-1-1.”

Other people report problems with cab drivers being inappropriate. While some of these stories are too detailed and perhaps graphic to touch on in this post, we want to mention these occurrences to contrast those experiences with what you can expect at NJride. We offer privacy and respect you. Those are baseline expectations. We hire drivers who have a track record of sublime experience and reputation – not just anybody can be a driver at NJride.

Locking People Inside The Cab

This is the exception, not the rule, but it’s still important to note. According to Buzzfeed, one person reported the following experience while taking a cab in New York. “I was taking a cab from Union Square to Brooklyn one Saturday night at 4 a.m. Once in Brooklyn and $30 later, the driver informed me that his credit card machine wasn’t working. I didn’t have any cash. He threatened to drive me back to Manhattan because I only had a card. He then locked me in the cab, cursing and yelling at me. I couldn’t unlock the door and the driver was so angry. I started crying. Eventually I had to call 911 and describe the driver, which was awkward. At that point, he finally unlocked the doors and I got out and he drove away angrily.”

Yikes. Again, there are bad apples pretty much everywhere. And that is the exact reason we are extremely rigorous with our drivers’ and their reputations and quality of work. From top to bottom at NJride (also called AM PM Limo), we have striven to create a culture of excellence. That translates to you have quality rides, so you can focus on the rest of your life.

Cab Alternatives

Some people prefer to take the subway instead of a cab. That is a decent option, to be sure. You are able to get a feel for the city and the vibrant, diverse culture we have here in NJ and New York. But with that vibrancy comes some uncomfortable experiences, every now and then.

For starters, New York subways are notoriously rat-infested, over-crowded, and often are delayed. When you are traveling with luggage, none of those things are particularly pleasing to experience, especially the latter.


AM New York has the following anecdote, from Francine A., from Manhattan. “I am in the subway every morning at 4:45 a.m. and the rats in this subway station are so horrible that sometimes you can’t even walk up and down the steps because the rats are on the steps to the platform. They get really close to people — it’s disgusting and dangerous. Please get rid of the rats before someone gets bitten!”

We couldn’t agree with you more, Francine. If you are interested in other wild stories about NYC subways, check out this article here.

Choose AM PM Limo, NJride

We hope we’ve made our point clear. Many of us have had our fair share of innocuous cab and subway rides in New York and around the world. But we are certain that a strong majority of our readers has a horror story or two of their own when it comes to these modes of transportation.

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